Exhibitions in Altzella Monastery Park

Introduction to the history of the order

An exhibition which introduces you to the history, development and expansion of the Cistercian order along the filiation line of Morimond. This line, too, leads on to Altzella.

Film about the architectual history

The animation shows the architectual history of the monastery Altzella from 1162 until 1540. The film is available in German, English, Czech and Polish.

The architecture of the Cistercians

The Lapidarium
The Lapidarium

The monastery at Altzella was established in an exciting architectural period. Romanesque, Gothic and late Gothic influences had an effect on the grounds and can still be seen today. Read more about the architecture of the Cistercians.

The 'Sachsenspiegel'

The 'Sachsenspiegel' is the most important historical testimony of the medieval legal practice. The author, Eike von Repgow, maybe used the unique library of Altzella when he wrote the book about 1224. A multimedial Station in the library hall shows it and test the knowledge of visitors.

Memories of the forefathers – the Wettins

Altzella Monastery was an early grave of the Wettins, the margraves of Meissen. Twenty-six members of this family were buried here. The Mausoleum, builded in 1787, informs about the Wettins and their importance for Altzella.


Altzella Monastery Park

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March 25 to October 31, 2016
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